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"The sampan boat is full of the life of Hong Kong people in the old days, and it also represents the spirit of never giving up that Hong Kong people can withstand the test of wind and waves."

Aberdeen fishing port is the root of Hong Kong and the origin of Hong Kong's name. It bears the long history of Hong Kong and also witnesses the local feelings of Hong Kong people. Since the 1940s, when Aberdeen was opened as a port, floating homes have become commonplace. At that time, the entire family of people living on the water would live on boats, commonly known as "houseboats". Typhoon shelters have gradually become unique and Self-sufficient small community on the water.

However, with the implementation of the resettlement plan in the 1960s, people on the water began to migrate to live on land one after another. Fishermen changed jobs. Fisherman culture began to become history, and skills, experiences, and deeds were gradually lost. In view of this, in order to preserve this unique historical culture and re-conserve it, we specially designed the A1773 Wandering Fishing Port Sampan Tour, so that Hong Kong people and tourists can experience this unique experience and see the life of fishermen in the past. The beauty of old Hong Kong has reappeared before our eyes, and this once glorious history can be passed down forever.

Tour Highlights

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Sightseeing boat tour

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Audio guide
(Cantonese/ Mandarin/ English/ Japanese/Korean)

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Visit the Fishermen Houseboat

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Free drinks and local snacks
Such as: maa5 zai2

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Boat Noodles /
Seafood Lunch

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3D fantasy underwater world painting

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Spectacular photo opportunities

Sampan & Sightseeing Boats



Get on board the comfortable sightseeing boat, cruise around the charming and traditional Aberdeen fishing village.

Sightseeing boats pickup at Aberdeen Fisherman's Wharf Pier 6 , 30 minutes audio-guided tour around 8 landmarks, each with their own unique story and cultural significance.

Next 30 minutes houseboat visit, with cultural exhibits on display (additional 30 minutes stay for an authentic boat noodle experience for lunch tour). Return to Aberdeen Fisherman's Wharf Pier 6.

The stop at Jumbo Kingdom will be replaced by Tai Pak floating restaurant.


After our tour, let’s enter the houseboat. In the 1960’s, most fishermen lived full time in these humble boats. At the time, there were more than 2000 houseboats in Aberdeen, and other vessels that sold daily necessities such as water, fruit and noodles to the fishermen who lived there.

On the houseboat, there is a cultural exhibit on Hong Kong fishermen, with vintage photographs and videos available to show you what life here used to be like. Step onto the houseboat, and experience the highs and lows of life on the water.

Boat noodles

Authentic Traditional Fish Soup Noodles

(Dadi fish soup base, smooth rice noodles with Hong Kong-style siu mei mixed ingredients)

During its heyday in the 1970s and 1980s, there were more than 20 "pink boats" in Aberdeen. "Fen Ting" is a mobile sampan kitchen, where guests can order and cook instant noodles. At that time, they also provided delicious and convenient lunches for fishermen and fishermen working on board. But with the changing times, there are only the last two pink boats left in Aberdeen. If you want to taste them, you must seize the opportunity.

Group activities

Schools and groups are welcome to make an appointment to participate in the guided tour. In order to ensure that we can provide you with a better experience, please fill in the appointment form and someone will contact you to discuss the itinerary details.


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