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Journey's Details

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Take a sightseeing boat to visit the Aberdeen typhoon shelter. The audio equipment along the way will introduce you to 13 landmarks along the way and take you to explore Aberdeen.

  1. Aberdeen Waterfront Park

  2. Aberdeen Fisherman's Wharf

  3. Aberdeen Wholesale Fish Market

  4. Ap Lei Chau Wind Tower Park

  5. Hung Shing Temple

  6. Dragon Boat Base

  7. Ap Lei Chau Bridge Road

8. Taibak Seafood Restaurant

9. Aberdeen Yacht Club

10. Ocean Park


12. Ap Lei Chau Shipyard

13. Aberdeen Houseboat


Check-in at Pier 6, a brand-new tourist hub and info-center. This attraction used to be a fish selling vessel before it was repurposed!


There are 5 audio guide channels:

Cantonese, MandarinEnglishJapanese, Korean, you can not only listen to the fishing village and related historical stories from the boat, but also hear the singing of people on the water, which is really lively and interesting


Board Aberdeen Houseboat, Learn about the fisherman's water life! It displays old photos of fishermen and their daily necessities.

IMG_9090 (1).jpg

Added a strong visual impact 3D interactive painting, one felt like in the fantasy underwater world and took a photo with Jumbo Seafood Boat


Or choose Fish Market Seafood Lunch Ticket, to enjoy seafood lunch at the restaurant inside the Fish Market


 Hop on a comfortable and covered teak sightseeing boat ride around the Fishing Village, with audio commentary narrating tales of the Fishing Village.


Taibak Seafood Restaurant It is part of the "Jumbo Kingdom" and is an important landmark and tourist hotspot in Hong Kong. Hong Kong movies such as "Suzie Wong's World (1960)" and "The God of Cookery (1996)" were filmed here

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Learn more about the traditional culture of Hong Kong fishermen through photos, exhibits and oral description videos of former fishermen, accompanied by the latest Neon check-in slots and fisherman hats, boat paddles to reproduce the scene of the fishermen's life


Choose the lunch ticket and enjoy a traditional Authentic Fish Broth Boat Noodles

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