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Journey's Details

Professional audio guide sampan tour and visit fishermen's boats

Aberdeen Waterfront Hotspots for New Buyers


          "Aberdeen 1773" Audio Guided Sampan tour is exclusively operated by local travel agency - Seayou Explorer. It has always been loved by the locals and received exceptional reviews. During the epidemic, it also attracted tens of thousands of local tourists and groups to participate. I would like to recommend it to your travel agency, and include this travel item in the itinerary of the tour group, so as to provide guests with one more choice when planning the tour group for your agency. Not only will the tourists have a deep understanding of Hong Kong's history and culture, but they can also visit the waterfront of Aberdeen Hot spot for new buyers!


The itineraries we are promoting include:


i) Tour Aberdeen Typhoon Shelter on a comfortable and covered sampan boat, accompanied by a professional audio guide in four languages (exclusive equipment!), passing 13 landmarks, including Taibai Seafood Boat

ii) Visit the exhibition "Sea House Boat" and take a photo with the 3D three-dimensional painting (exclusive itinerary!)

iii) Visit the new landmark "Aberdeen Fisherman's Wharf" in the Southern District of Hong Kong Island to purchase local seafood souvenirs and souvenirs (exclusive itinerary!)

iv) You can choose to taste the freshly cooked traditional fish soup Ting Tsai Noodles in the last two vermicelli boats in Aberdeen

v) You can also choose to visit the Aberdeen Fish Market to enjoy a seafood lunch


          Itinerary ranges from 30 minutes to 120 minutes, a group of 10 people can be booked at any time between 0900-1700 every day, your company can choose different ones according to the needs of the tour group Matching, flexible itinerary, reasonable price. Enclosed is the price list of the special offer for travel agencies and the boarding and disembarking locations for your reference.

          If you want to hold multiple groups or want to discuss more cooperation plans, please contact Ms. Yan (Tel: 2368 7000 / 6211 6782 or ) contact and contact.


Sampan Boat Tour (Exclusive Itinerary)
- 30 minutes covered and comfortable sampan boat tour with professional audio guide
(Four languages are available: Cantonese, Mandarin, English, Japanese)
- Pass 13 landmarks, including Taibai Seafood Restaurant
- Visit the new landmark "Aberdeen Fisherman's Wharf" in the Southern District of Hong Kong Island
Buy local seafood souvenirs and souvenirs

Sun Yacht Tour (Exclusive itinerary)
- 30 minutes to visit the home boat and visit the exhibition of life on the water
- Strong vision
Impactful 3D three-dimensional painting,
Immerse yourself in the fantasy underwater world and take a photo with Jumbo Seafood Boat
- Provide free drinks and local snacks
food (horse)

Boat noodles lunch
- Optional tasting of the last two pink boats in Aberdeen
Freshly Cooked Delicious PassTraditional Fish Soup Tingzi Noodles
(Tours departing after 11 am can be booked)

Fish Market Seafood Lunch
- Optional seafood lunch at the fish market
(10-11 am only 
tour group bookings departing at


contact number

(852) 6211 6782

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